Patient History, also known as Patient Ledger in some other programs, is truly unique and advanced in The Complete Exam®. It tracks your patients’ charges, payments and balances with extreme accuracy, even if a particular patient has progressed from one guarantor, such as a young patient’s father, to another, such as her husband following her marriage. Multiple views of the account are just one click away. And because TCE is internally and seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Pro (Versions 2005 and later), we are able to provide you with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in preparing tax returns, profit and loss analysis, and practice management reports to make your practice as efficient and profitable as possible.

You can view and work with a patient's history in multiple ways:

Other special accounting features:

Have you ever had a patient who still owes for work done under one guarantor, and now comes in for treatment with a different guarantor? Divorces, marriages, or simply reaching the age of independence can all bring about this situation. No problem in TCE! Change patient guarantors when necessary, and TCE will separately track that patient's history for each guarantor, including sending separate bills simultaneously, while maintaining one, single, contiguous clinical record for that patient! Many top programs force you to create a separate account for a patient if his or her guarantor changes, and that results in multiple unrelated clinical records for that patient as well as accounting problems. Not TCE!

If you would like a free, no-pressure live, interactive web demonstration of our perio charting, please send us a request from our Information Request Form. We will respond quickly and at your convenience.

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