Going Paperless
Has Never Been Easier.

The administrative functions of dental practice management software support all the activities necessary to enter patients into the practice, bill for the services provided and collect payments. The Complete Exam® (TCE) administrative functions do all this, and more.

TCE provides helpful analysis of your practice efficiency and allows you to track income and manage expenses. TCE also integrates seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks® - the #1 rated accounting software for small businesses - so you will always know where your practice stands. Plus, you will find a whole host of administrative tools to support staff efforts, including emailing customer statements, managing your payroll, accepting eChecks, and developing and updating your web site.

With your clinical activities and patient record keeping running smoothly and efficiently, the administrative functions provide all the support needed to ensure that your practice is successful, not stressful.

Take a closer look at some of the functional areas in TCE’s administrative component by clicking on the thumbnail images at the right. Going paperless, in a user-friendly environment, has never been easier.

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Click to view Administrative Screens:

Patient Selection

Patient Selection screen graphic

Appointment Book

Appointment Book screen graphic

Patient Information

Patient Information screen graphic

Patient History

Patient History screen graphic

Smart Documents

Administrative Notes screen graphic

Administrative Notes

Administrative Notes screen graphic


Reports graphic