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Great clinical charting abilities, integrates with most digital x-ray systems, and with QuickBooks®, excellent graphics… They’re not one of the big players … they’re BETTER and capable of doing just as much if not more. (Dental Town, October, 2008)

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Clinical Functions of The Complete Exam
Dental EMR and Practice Management software

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Unmatched Efficiency, accuracy, and Legal Integrity.

Clinical focus and functionality is the difference between dental practice management software that merely reports treatment and supports patient and insurance company billing, and The Complete Exam®. Built around the need for excellence with patient management and treatment charting, clinical notes, reporting, and treatment planning, TCE’s comprehensive approach is unmatched still today. No other software system provides the completeness, efficiency, accuracy, and more important than ever today, legal integrity of TCE.

Current mandates for fully functional Electronic Health Records (EHR) and, the migration to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), makes TCE’s clinical solutions more important than ever. While it is possible to run a paperless dental office with most any software, it is unlikely your paperless records would be sufficient to create a valid EHR for each of your patients. Only TCE has comprehensively addressed the clinician’s needs to meet today’s EHR mandates and the EMR requirements. Click on the thumbnail images below for a look at TCE’s popular clinical functions.

The Complete Exam’s clinical charting functions look and work like paper charts, are user-friendly, integrate with digital imaging programs and other third-party products, and are fully compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and medical-legal requirements.

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