The Appointment Book is the second possible starting point for The Complete Exam®. Not only does it give you a look at what will be happening today, it also allows for patient charts to be opened directly from the screen. We believe the TCE Appointment scheduler is the best and most efficient scheduler available, and we have included several functions to make your scheduling work more effectively. No other practice management software that we know of has even dreamed of these innovations.

From TCE’s Appointment Book you can find patients, open scheduled patients' charts, track production versus your practice goals, and of course, schedule patient appointments.  The Appointment Book is extremely easy to use, yet more flexible and comprehensive than all other. You can make an appointment for a prospective patient you have not yet seen directly from the Appointment Book, at a desired date and time, and create a new patient chart record, or not, as you desire. You may work with as many operatories as you wish and create as many views as you wish. For example, in a large office, you may want a view that shows only the doctors' schedules, or only hygiene, or a combination of one or more doctors with one or more hygienists. Different workstations in the office may look at different views of the schedule simultaneously. Two or more stations may also be moving or making appointments at the same time, as long as they aren't working on the same appointment.

Extensive and advanced capabilities include:

Got a family of four all scheduled for cleanings together and now need to change their appointments? No problem in TCE! Simply "pick up" all of the appointments you need to move, navigate to a new date and drop them into a new set of slots, even if you need to spread them out and drop them one at a time over multiple days to be able to get them all in. TCE’s Appointment Book functionality is second to none.

If you would like a free, no-pressure live, interactive web demonstration of The Complete Exam®, please send us a note from our Information Request Form. We will respond quickly and at your convenience.

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