Meeting Clinical and Administrative Expectations

The Complete Exam® (TCE) takes a completely opposite approach to dental practice management software than the other software systems out there today. While most management software products have been designed to meet the needs on the accounting side of a dental practice, TCE has always taken a strong approach to serving the needs on the clinical side of the practice first, then to making sure the clinical information flows seamlessly to TCE’s strong administrative components. In other words, most practice management software options were designed to record insurance billing codes in order to bill patient work to their insurance company. And yes, billing is critical, but in order to truly maximize practice efficiency and ensure accurate patient records and billing, it is critical that the clinical capability of your practice management software system leads the way. Recent mandates for the establishment of a public standard by the American Dental Association (ADA) go hand in hand with the impending requirements for healthcare providers to create informative and accurate Electronic Health Records (EHR). Robust clinical functions are key to creating comprehensive clinical notes, treatment plans and patient records – TCE provides a true, electronic dental record or EHR. The compilation of these EHR reports become the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and only TCE is focused and prepared to meet the EMR mandates today, and into the future.

Meeting Insurance Code Requirements

It is immediately obvious to any dentist that the insurance codes only contain basic and generic information about the work performed. The details about restorative work, for example, are of no interest to them, yet they are critical to the successful treatment planning and follow-up for your patients and your practice. Since the codes and insurance companies don't care about the details, neither do most other dental management software options, including those that claim to have "clinical" charting capabilities.  TCE, on the other hand, was specifically developed to address the real needs of the clinician, and it not only records all the information needed for the insurance companies, it meets, often exceeds, the expectations of clinicians. In addition, TCE provides a 3D display of the clinical information that has proved to be an excellent tool for patient education. TCE, by the way, is the originator of 3D charting, having developed it in early 2000.

Meeting Legal And Privacy Requirements

TCE was designed to meet all the legal and privacy requirements healthcare providers are hearing so much about including the medical-legal requirements for electronic dental records and the impending move to EHR and EMR mandates.