TCE provides a Tab with the capability to capture and save digital images from numerous sources - scanners, digital cameras, many intra-oral cameras, and by importing picture files created by other sources. Most any device with a TWAIN compliant interface may be used without any additional imaging software to capture images to be stored directly in the patients' electronic dental records. All stored images have full legal integrity protections to guarantee their evidentiary value should you need them in court.

Although the Image Tab is not a full-fledged cosmetic imaging system, separate programs such as PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, as well as others costing less than $100 or even free (like GIMP) can easily be used to cosmetically enhance your pictures for before and likely after comparisons for your patients. Using these external programs will not damage the legal integrity of your original images.

Of course, TCE is fully compatible with many dental-specific imaging programs, including such programs as DentalEye, Apteryx, Professor Suni, XDR, Clinipix, TigerView, and many others. Integration links to those programs are provided at no charge should you need them.

If you would like a free, no-pressure live, interactive web demonstration of our imaging capabilities, please send us a request from our Information Request Form. We will respond quickly and at your convenience.

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