TCE's Perio Charting is extremely simple and yet very complete. It was developed with suggestions from periodontists along with our own ideas of how it could work to your advantage. Here's what the office manager of an office out in the NW area of the U.S. has to say about TCE after about two years of using our program: “We are happy to say the perio charting is a real hit with our staff. We had tried other perio charting software and weren't pleased at all with them as they were difficult to learn. Once we got on TCE and started using the perio charting it has been wonderful. Our office is high tech and The Complete Exam has helped us keep that standard.”

Another office, out in California, that uses temporary hygienists frequently commented about how easy to use TCE perio charting was. The office manager said that whenever a new hygienist was working on any given day, it only took about ten minutes to show her the program and she would take off at full speed using it for the rest of the day. One of the temporary hygienists, who worked with several different programs in her travels, thought our program was the best she had used. She liked the program so much that she wanted to recommend it to every office she worked in if we made one enhancement that she suggested. We thought her suggestion would be useful and immediately made the upgrade in our next release just a couple of months later, much to her surprise and appreciation.

If you would like a free, no-pressure live, interactive web demonstration of our perio charting, please send us a request from our HYPERLINK Information Request Form. We will respond quickly and at your convenience.

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