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There has been a lot of focus on the importance of creating the electronic or digital office and today more dental practices than ever have embraced the benefits of digital records and computerized billing. But key to the creation of a true “Electronic Practice” is the creation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) that flow seamlessly into a patient’s overall Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - something healthcare providers are hearing a lot about these days.

Recognizing the trend as far back as 1999, The Complete Exam® (TCE) was conceived from the ground up by experienced dental and legal professionals committed to creating true, electronic health records for your dental practice patients. Currently ignored or inadequately addressed by virtually every other dental software company, TCE remains the only dental practice management software solution available that comprehensively addresses ALL of the clinician’s needs – including the creation of a robust EHR. The EHR is the critical component practices will need as they prepare to meet upcoming EMR mandates.

The Complete Exam’s clinical and administrative charting functions look and work like paper charts, are user-friendly, integrate with digital imaging programs and other practice products, and are fully compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and medical-legal requirements.

Now available in the Cloud as
SaaS (Software as a Service)

There has been a lot of attention focused lately on working in the "Cloud." SaaS, or Software as a Service, is heavily promoted in many industries as a way to save money and time involved with backing up your data, maintaining an expensive IT system in your local office, and as an excellent way to access your software and data from anywhere. As of December 1. 2011, TCE may now be purchased or leased in the SaaS format. Please either send us a request from our information request form or just give us a call at 866-THE EXAM to find out more about this new offering.


left quote mark graphicGreat clinical charting abilities, integrates with most digital x-ray systems, and with QuickBooks®, excellent graphics… They’re not one of the big players … they’re BETTER and capable of doing just as much if not more.right quote mark graphic

Dental Town, October, 2008

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